Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Using Your iPhone Safely

If you have ended up with a cracked iPhone then this could have been a result of anything. In many cases it won't have been your fault and the phone will have just dropped out of your hands while you were using it. In some cases you can even end up with a cracked iPhone while the phone is still in your pocket and this happens because you end up accidentally walking into something - such as the corner of a table - which then skewers and breaks the screen of the phone.

However while in many cases you will not be responsible for the damage to your phone, in other cases a cracked iPhone is a result of negligence to an extent or to you using the phone somewhat recklessly. For instance if you are using the phone while multitasking - for instance trying to send a text with one hand while doing something else such as cooking or eating is a recipe for damaging the phone, while at the same time if you are craning to take a photo with one hand then this is a short way to get a cracked iPhone too.

The good news is that it is possible to get iPhone repairs and iPhone glass replacement when you do get a cracked iPhone and this means you can use your phone again. iPhones though very well designed are ultimately just things and they can be repaired or replaced accordingly. However your health is something that is not replacement and not as easy to repair - and in many cases using your iPhone in a manner other than that which is recommended can end up posing a very real threat to your health.

For instance if you are in fact walking while texting then this is very likely to mean that you aren't paying attention to the road or where you're walking and so it's not completely unlikely that you might end up tripping over, walking into something, or even walking into the road and being hit by a car as a result.

Similarly if you are craning to get a shot of something on your iPhone camera then this can mean that you are leaning and straining to a great extent so that you are off balance, and while at the same time operating the camera. If you are multitasking with the iPhone in any way then, you need to make sure that you are secure and safe and that you manage to keep enough attention on what you are doing - otherwise a cracked iPhone might be the least of your worries.

This isn't the only way in which an iPhone could pose a health risk however. For instance if you are using your iPhone in public at night when you're in a quiet area, then you might risk making yourself a target for theft. When it's clear that you are lost and using your iPhone as a torch/GPS through the rougher areas of a city then this really isn't sending the best signals.

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