Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Recycling Nokia Handsets To Help The Environment

When I was looking for a store where they sell Nokia E72 phones I'd already made a resolution to recycle all my old cell phones. I was looking for a store that would do that or find other ways I could either help someone else or at least keep the phones out of the local landfill. Most of us are changing our mobile phones on a regular basis and if you're like me you have a drawer full of old mobile phones lying around collecting dust.

It turned out I had a number of choices. There are quite a few companies online where you can send your old mobile phones to be recycled. One in particular sends you on online coupon you can use at Best Buy, but it has to be an up to date phone to get the biggest credit. Many of my mobile phones are so old nobody wants them.

Next I found out that Best Buy itself gives you a credit for a used phone, but again the older the phone the less credit you receive and some of mine could have been classified as antiques. I also discovered that many branches of Best Buy also have recycling kiosks where you can recycle these older, obsolete handheld phones and other small electronics.

It turned out that during my search for the places that sell Nokia phones, I found my carrier had the best deal, and when my new phone arrived the box contained a prepaid card that I could use to send my last handheld phone away for recycling - but only one. What was I to do with the rest of them? I had a pile that belonged to me, my husband and two teenage children.

Then I discovered a local charity that works with battered women and children that gladly accepts used, working cell phones and chargers to give to women who are at risk. They are given a recycled phone to use in case of emergency, and were even glad to get the old cases and car chargers that went along with them.

So that's what I did, I returned my last cell phone to my carriers who sell the Nokia E72, took the rest of my more recently made cell phones to the battered women's shelter and recycled the rest, along with a pile of miscellaneous wires, old chargers and printer ink cartridges that were cluttering up my drawers to my local Best Buy recycling kiosk.

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