Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

War of the Smartphones

Once upon a time, phones were used only for voice communication, while PDAs were used to store contact information, to-do lists, and access e-mail.

Perhaps, one day, somebody looked at the cell phone and the PDA and thought, "They look pretty much alike - why don't we put them together?" And the smartphone was born.

But it took a while for smartphones to gain market demand. At first, these handheld communication and computing devices catered only to a specific niche.

And then Apple released the iPhone - and suddenly, smartphones started becoming immensely popular.

Fighting for number one

With this new popularity came the war of the smartphones. Now, the big players that once sold to a limited demography are competing for worldwide sales supremacy. The aim is to gain control of the fast-growing smartphone market.

And the battle in sales extends to research and development. While phone manufacturers Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, and Nokia are fighting their war in hardware, smartphone operating system (OS) providers are also battling it out in the software department.

Google owns the Android OS, while Microsoft owns the mobile Windows OS. Apple, Blackberry, and Nokia all use their own OS.

Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Recycling Nokia Handsets To Help The Environment

When I was looking for a store where they sell Nokia E72 phones I'd already made a resolution to recycle all my old cell phones. I was looking for a store that would do that or find other ways I could either help someone else or at least keep the phones out of the local landfill. Most of us are changing our mobile phones on a regular basis and if you're like me you have a drawer full of old mobile phones lying around collecting dust.

It turned out I had a number of choices. There are quite a few companies online where you can send your old mobile phones to be recycled. One in particular sends you on online coupon you can use at Best Buy, but it has to be an up to date phone to get the biggest credit. Many of my mobile phones are so old nobody wants them.