Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Great Cell Phones for Seniors

AT&T has two cell phones for seniors, the Pantech Ease and Pantech Breeze III. There is another AT&T cell phone, the Nokia 6085, that is senior friendly and although it is no longer in their product line up you should still be able to find them through some dealers or private party sources such as eBay. The Pantech Ease features a user friendly interactive touch screen, slide out QWERTY keypad, voice activated GPS (a great feature that will make sure that you always reach your destination safely), easy to use texting for those who want this ability, is blue tooth as well as TTY/TTD compatible and is M3, T4 hearing aid (HAC) rated. The Pantech Breeze III has intuitive menus, labels that are clear and easy to read, Audience earSmart (TM) that enhances your voice and suppresses noise and quick call keys so that you can program numbers that you use frequently and wish to access easily. This phone is also Bluetooth and TTY/TTD compatible plus it is M4, T4 hearing aid (HAC) rated. The Nokia 6085 offers a large keypad that is easy to operate, is TTY and hearing aid compatible. The dealers who are selling this phone seem to be offering an unlocked version, which means that you can choose the best service plan for your needs. If you shop for a Nokia 6085 on eBay you may find some that are unlocked and some that still require you to use the AT&T service plan.